[2016 Jan] Closest Distance from Afar Single by Shawn Rollin [Chinese New Year Release]


In recent years, time passes quickly, and your hometown had changed. The memories that you have of many places disappears with time into a scenery that no longer returns, except for your parents who patiently waits for your return.

You started a family, you set up a career, you are familiar with the sights and sounds of big cities, moving through it like a fish in a water.

Yet when you rest in bed at night, don’t you remember the times where you spent cajoling in the mud, with the morning calls by the roosters and those hands that holds you dear?

It’s time to come back home, and as you watch the screen on your computer to purchase a ticket, it could only be a single button that divides you and your family, but it has become the closest distance that is further than expected.

熊汝霖 – 最近的遠方

Artiste: Shawn Rollin (熊汝霖)

Release Date: 01/21/2016

Publisher : Amusic Rights Management

Purchase on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/sg/artist/xiong-ru-lin/id545119184