[2016 Jun] K-Pop Legend “The One” works with ARM for Father’s Day Single [Precious Words] !

Acclaimed KPOP producer and legend, “The One”, Jeong Soon-Won, works with ARM for Chinese single debut for Father’s Day! 
Earlier this year, KPOP legend “The One”, a.k.a Jeong Soon-Won, decides to publish a single for the Chinese market, and was then recommended to work with ARM founder, Billy, for his song, “Precious Words”.
[Precious Words] is The One’s latest ballad, with all Chinese lyrics, as a song dedicated to our parents who misses us deeply from a home far away. With Billy as the producer, and accomplished writer SIX, and composer Kim Hyung Kyu, as well as “The One” himself, created the song with dedication and effort that not only showcases “The One” capabilities as a singer, but also with the most sincere heart.
Everyone might be more familiar with “The One” as the King of KPOP, but the man himself is also a filial son to his parents. For every travelling child out there, “The One” would like to dedicate this song to you, that for every conversation with your parents, and for the love you have of them, they are precious words to speak of.