yhHO Wah Lee – Director, Corporate Planning
Veteran in corporate planning – After working with KPMG for 25 years, HO Wah Lee retired as a partner from KPMG in 2017.  He has more than 30 years of experience in management consulting, risk consulting and financial advisory services. In his career with KPMG, he was the President Director of KPMG Siddharta Advisory and the Head of Advisory in KPMG Indonesia; Head of ASEAN Management Consulting; and Head of Advisory, Head of Forensic, Head of IT Advisory in KPMG Singapore.
HO Wah Lee joined ARM in 2018 as company director and is responsible for corporate development and planning.


yhNG Guan Leng – Consultant
Veteran in corporate management – With almost 30 years of working experience in China, NG Guan Leng’s career crossover from banking to real estate. Formal General Manager of a Chinese corporation who has led many landmark projects, NG is also the Secretary-General for SingCham in Beijing since its inauguration in 2002.
NG Guan Leng joined ARM in 2017 as company consultant and is responsible for corporate development and management.



yhIvy PEH – Asia General Manager

Veteran in music rights management – With more than 20 years’ experience in music publishing and recording industry. Ivy has helped many young songwriters to develop their music career across Asia during her working experience with Touch Music. Joined ARM in 2014, Ivy now elevating it to a new digital business model by managing sound-recording and music publishing under one roof.



sjGina SUN  – Finance & Administration Director

Veteran in finance & human resource – Graduated from TAFE in Australia and Renmin University in China,Gina has almost 20 years of finance and human resource working experience in coparate management including Nokia and many international films operating in China. Joined ARM in 2015, Gina now manages the corporate finance and administration in Beijing main office.



Leon WangLeon WANG – Music Production Director

China’s next-gen music producer – Graduated from Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Leon is one of the most skillful disciples of music mentor, Billy koh. Worked as creative director at Touch Music and music producer of Ocean Butterflies, he has involved in music productions of BY2, Qiwei, Shane Cao, etc. Joined ARM in 2014, Leon has produced many hits including that of TFBOYS, THE ONE, Amuyi, Shawn Rolling and Echo-man.



Neil DONG – Rights Management Deputy Director

China’s next-gen rights management expert – Graduated from China International Economics College, major in computer science and technology, Neil formerly worked in Ocean Butterflies as IT director. Joined ARM in 2014, Neil is now leading the operation and management of music rights department, including the distribution and promotion of musical works on all digital platforms.


Leon WangSimon SUI – Artist Development Deputy Director

China’s next-gen artist management talent – Graduated from Liaoning University and had worked for several TV stations, Simon has been planning and hosting hundreds of events. Coupled with his sensitivity for entertainment news and spontaneous internet-thinking, he joined ARM in 2015 and is now leading in the strategic planning, promotions, commercial engagement and talent management.