Amusic LogoAmusic Rights Management Ltd. is a young international music company in the digital music era, having its main office in Beijing city, China.

First set up in Singapore, Amusic Rights Management is expanding to Asian Pacific regions with alliance companies.

Founded by Billy Koh, one of the most instrumental and influential figures in Chinese-Pop (C-Pop), Amusic Rights Management Ltd. aims to lift the music business model to a new level in the digital age. Consists of music publishing, innovative labels, artist development, social media, music production and live performance organiser, it is a complete music chain by creating a strong influence in the fast-growing Asian music market, especially China, so to rise to a new music order in near future.

We could be small but we dream BIG.

Amusic Rights Management Ltd. consists of:
(1) Amusic Rights Management Pte. Ltd.
(2) Amusic Creative Team Pte. Ltd.
(3) Amusic Venture Consultant (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
(4) Juxiaoqida Keji (Beijing) Ltd.
(5) Juxiaoqida Yinyuewenhua (Beijing) Ltd.