wilson tan


Wilson’s no stranger when it comes to Mandarin pop music, especially when he has responsible for producing some of the finest artistes in the Mandarin region for the past 5 years. Since 2008, Wilson perfected the art of pop music production been under the tutelage of famous producers Mr. Billy Koh and Mr. Zennon Goh at Ocean Butterflies Music, and has since joined them in the ranks of producing Mandarin billboard hits.

He is also a prolific composer and has written for well over 30 artistes; to date, some of his better known compositions have been performed by artistes such as S.H.E., Show Lo, Huang Xiao Hu, Joey Yung and many more.

With his many years of experience working with some of the top regional artistes and having gained an in-depth insight into the international Mandarin music scene from traveling widely to Mainland China and Taiwan in recent years, Wilson could not be more ready to producing even more hits that’s going to put Singapore’s homegrown music in the limelight once again on the international stage.


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