[2016 Nov] QZQ Debuts with “Boys to Girls in a minute”

Exploring the ecosystem of the digital music platforms in China for two years with various independant musicians, ARM made a come-back to Pop stream with the launch of a girl idol group, QZQ in late 2016. With a video of disguised as boys and later unveiled to girls within a minute, QZQ announced it’s debut and

[2016 Jun] K-Pop Legend “The One” works with ARM for Father’s Day Single [Precious Words] !

Acclaimed KPOP producer and legend, “The One”, Jeong Soon-Won, works with ARM for Chinese single debut for Father’s Day!  Earlier this year, KPOP legend “The One”, a.k.a Jeong Soon-Won, decides to publish a single for the Chinese market, and was then recommended to work with ARM founder, Billy, for his song, “Precious Words”.

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[2016 Jun] Magic MaMa works with acclaimed Singapore independent musician Hong Jun Yang for “Your Goodbye Gift”

ARM in 2016 works with acclaimed independent Singapore musician, Hong Jun Yang, to collaborate on the latest hit in graduation songs for China. With an upbeat melody, a humorous take on the lyrics, it lets listeners remember those memories of being in school with friends many years ago. Jun Yang’s vocals that are uniquely added

[2016 May] ARM & TFBOYS collaborates for [Protect My Home]

ARM recently hits a major production milestone as Billy gets appointed to be the music producer for , one of the latest commercial singles written specifically for Safeguard, the biggest brand of skin health products in China! Founder and acclaimed producer of ARM, Billy was involved in the production of the entire single,

[2016 Apr] Billy visits River Valley High as an alumni as a Speaker on C-POP!

In April 2016, Billy visited his alma mater, River Valley High, as an alumni to give a talk on Chinese Pop to the students together with renowned songwriter, Zhang Si Er, and Bevlyn Khoo, one of Singapore’s outstanding jazz singer-songwriter and producer, whom were all former students as well. As part of the 60th anniversary,

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[2016 Mar] Billy visits Sichuan Conservatory of Music to give a Masterclass!

In March of 2016, Billy was invited to the Sichuan Conservatory of Music to give a Masterclass to the students on Professional Music Production. As one of the music industry’s longest and most qualified producers, Billy has his own perspective to what constitutes a person to be qualified to be a star in the Chinese

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[2016 Jan] Closest Distance from Afar Single by Shawn Rollin [Chinese New Year Release]

In recent years, time passes quickly, and your hometown had changed. The memories that you have of many places disappears with time into a scenery that no longer returns, except for your parents who patiently waits for your return. You started a family, you set up a career, you are familiar with the sights and

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[2016 Jan] China’s 3D animated movie, “Little Door God” Main Theme: 【Open Sesame】

China box office starts off the 2016 with a made-in-China 3D animated movies, Little Door God. ARM produced the them song, Open Sesame. Music composed by ARM songwriters Quan He, Pu Mei Luo and Hua Chang Lee with lyrics written by the film director, Wang Wei, this song is produced by Billy Koh and Leon Wang, together with German

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[2015 Dec] ARM support the indies – “Bring music Back” Compilation

After the success of working with online artist, Echoman in April 2014, ARM moved forward to phase 2.0 by working with the indies. In contrast to the western music scene, “indies” in C-Pop often has a underlying tag of “low quality music”. ARM revolutionise this preconception by bringing six indies artists from different genre together, uplifting their production quality

[2015 Sep] BillBoard Interview with Billy Koh at Asian Music Network Conference

The first annual Asian Music Network conference was held this past weekend, Sept. 10-13, in Seoul’s Digital Media City district. Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), a major television station in South Korea, and the Record Label Industry Association of Korea (LIAK) jointly organized the event. The modest inaugural effort featured a handful of presentations, with topics