[2016 Jan] China’s 3D animated movie, “Little Door God” Main Theme: 【Open Sesame】

China box office starts off the 2016 with a made-in-China 3D animated movies, Little Door God. ARM produced the them song, Open Sesame. Music composed by ARM songwriters Quan He, Pu Mei Luo and Hua Chang Lee with lyrics written by the film director, Wang Wei, this song is produced by Billy Koh and Leon Wang, together with German

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[2015 Dec] ARM support the indies – “Bring music Back” Compilation

After the success of working with online artist, Echoman in April 2014, ARM moved forward to phase 2.0 by working with the indies. In contrast to the western music scene, “indies” in C-Pop often has a underlying tag of “low quality music”. ARM revolutionise this preconception by bringing six indies artists from different genre together, uplifting their production quality

[2015 Sep] BillBoard Interview with Billy Koh at Asian Music Network Conference

The first annual Asian Music Network conference was held this past weekend, Sept. 10-13, in Seoul’s Digital Media City district. Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), a major television station in South Korea, and the Record Label Industry Association of Korea (LIAK) jointly organized the event. The modest inaugural effort featured a handful of presentations, with topics

[2015 Aug] TEDxTencent : The Untold Asian Kung Fu: KPOP by Billy Koh

5th August 2015 Billy was invited to be a guest speaker for a TEDx event in conjunction with Tencent, where he spoke about the history and lessons learnt from one of the most successful Asian successes in recent years, which is Korean Pop. TED events are held worldwide by organisations to invite speakers to talk

[2015 Jun] ARM goes to Cannes for MIDEM!

  In June 2015, Billy Koh, CEO of Amusic Rights Management visited MIDEM as part a panel lineup to discuss about digital innovations that affects the live music businesses worldwide. Billy represented Asia to discuss about how different elements of digital innovation has changed how the music business is working with things such as mobile

[2015 Apr] ECHO’s Album launched! [All For You] is China’s 3rd Best-selling Album on JD.COM!

ECHO, one of ARM’s artistes, have successfully launched his first physical album that is currently in the top 3 selling abums on JinDong, China’s second largest e-mall retailer! In April 2015, ECHO, one of the artistes under Amusic Rights Management, launch his first physical album after releasing a multitude of singles in the past few

[2014 Dec] 2015 PARTY AT 798 BEIJING!

2015 is coming! Are you still single? Have you ever thought of doing the countdown alone? Why not join us at 798 to celebrate the New Year! There are no restrictions, bring a friend or two! It’s the New Year, make it a happening event! The event details are as followed: Date and Time: 31st

[2014 June] Amusic Rights Management collaborates with Yu Quan for [One Tear Per Droplet] Single

    Sina Entertainment Right out of the oven from China’s most popular rock duo, Yu Quan, comes the latest single, One Tear Per Droplet that has a light and easy rhythm, with easy lyrics to sing, and the harmonies of the two singers, effortlessly showcases the warmth and uplifting positive energy with

[2014 May] Amusic Rights Management collaborates with independent artiste DON for OnePlus CF Music [NEVER SETTLE]

      With more than 6 months in silence, DON of the 90s generation with a fresh new song, “Never Settle”, successfully comes back into the music scene with his latest track. With help from JJ Lin’s mentor, Billy Koh, producing the song, the launched music track receive the recognition from online users on

[2014 Apr] Over 1,000,000 hits on Weibo

Billy officially announced his resignation as CEO of the previous company that he co-founded and shared his views on the current challenges of music industry  on WeiBo (Chinese equivalent of Twitter) . This article has made an impact on the music & IT industries with over one